My Adoption Story, Part 4: Cousin Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

What better time to reveal that Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is my second cousin than during the current Olympic Games? It definitely explains the feathered hair in the 70/80s. My biological Grandmother's brother was William Jenner, Caitlyn’s father. I don’t have a proper family tree to share yet but I’m working on it.
Nana keeps calling to inform me what Kanye and Kim Kardashian are doing. Once she said, “Hey, your family just did a Flash Sale in NYC! Haha!” I don’t even know what a flash sale is and I had to look up the names to get them correct. I keep telling her it’s by marriage, and they don’t know I exist, but she doesn’t care; it’s all a laugh-riot to Nana.
I include the above photo of me losing the State Qualifying 3200m (2-mile in 9:28) to John Trautmann in High School (top 2 went to states so I did qualify) because I see some similarity in my build and Bruce's. I was always a bit big to be a distance runner. He did events that bulked him up while I did events that thinned me down. Maybe I’m looking at it too hard but it’s interesting. In the previous "My Adoption Story" post you can see a similarity between my build and my grandfather's. One thing may be true, I picked the wrong event in track! Below is a goofy comparison but it was my only H.S. 1500m (metric mile) in which Bruce famously completed the decathlon win in the 1976 Olympics. This was another 2nd place finish for me (see a trend here?) to Chris Egger at the Arlington Relays.
In the next post I’ll reveal another famous individual in the family, one I find fascinating. All these years my biological family had no idea I existed. I’ve always known I was adopted but would never have thought to be so entertained and thrilled by what I'm finding, or by what awesomeness found me.
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