My Adoption Story, Part 1: Cousins

Last February my biological first cousins found me. These guys! The photos are of our first meeting last weekend. Above is the photo Susan (center) put on her Facebook page. They're beautiful, creative, and so generous. Without them I would not know anything about my biological past! Below is Susan, myself, and Michaelyn at Susan's Vermont house. I had such a good time but it simply was not enough to get to know them like I want to or to delve into this deeply interesting family.
We spent the day together with Michaelyn's (a.k.a., Mikey...on the right) two sons and our boys. They ran around Susan's Shangri-La of a lawn looking for the "cave" and playing in the water. It was perfect. Susan and her husband Will are the ultimate hosts. And the food!
After I get some more photos of the Vermont trip with Dad and Karen posted I'll introduce my biological Mother. And I'll post some more pictures of these wonderful characters :)
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