My Adoption Story, Part 2: Diana, My Mother

Meet Diana, my biological mother. According to her best friend, she gave me up for adoption “So he could have a better life.” I had a wonderful, even ideal childhood. I'm grateful to her for that. Thanks to my cousins Susan and Michaelyn I have a number of mind bending photos of the woman who gave birth to me. In the above photo she is about 16 or 17. The below picture is a few years later, probably not long before she was pregnant with me.
Diana died in 2014; I just missed her. The way events progressed I would not know who she was without losing her. She grew up not far from me in Westchester County, NY. Later she gave birth to me in NYC at Manhattan General Hospital. She then moved to Georgia with her beloved husband Max (below). Max is not my biological information on that yet. Do you see me in her face? We can see Jack and especially Luke in that smile.
It’s a pensive experience to see your biological mother for the first time in your late 40s. I always enjoyed the ambiguity of adoption. The mystery was something I cherished. But I’m glad I know. I’m especially happy that I know Susan and Michaelyn. Giving up the comforting fog of adoption was worth it to know this deep, complex, and interesting family. I'm not exaggerating. As an adopted child one imagines many things about your biological family. In this case the outcome is far more interesting that I expected, as you will see.
Next I will introduce my grandparents and maybe an uncle or two. I also hope to tell more about Diana.
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