Summer Cycling is Long Gone

Oh summer, where did you go. I miss riding in the heat!
A couple times that heat caused hot spots. Once I had to get off the bike and walk around without shoes.
Horses in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a weekly hot spot of cycling. You can see hundreds of cyclists in the summer mornings.
Sometimes your path is blocked.
Canal baseball park in Akron was a partial city ride.
Below: The north end of Cuyahoga park as I pass under route 80 near Boston Mills.
Fences get in the way.
A friendly cat wanted to talk so I obliged.
The Blossom Music Center offers some great climbs. Owl!
The Porthouse Theatre, also in Cuyahoga.
Go Flashes!
A 62 mile ride in Columbus. It was 89 degrees and glorious.
There was my first ride in a pelaton. It was a fantastic 100 mile day.
Below: Monday was cold again but a warm fire at the end is the perfect conclusion to a good ride. Actually, I notice it was 47 miles so I ran back out to do another 3. Nope, no OCD here.
I'm making up for lost time in August due to the accident and still pathetically trying to hit 5,000 miles for the year. Being unconscious was weird but getting away with only a concussion is a win. 
Some disappointments orbiting around failed segment goals and KOMs. I waited too long into the summer to attack them . . . again. Then crashed. Next year I'm going to hit them in the spring.