First Ride In A Peloton

Last weekend I jumped into a century ride (100 miles) in Akron. Did it at the last minute even though my legs had been much for a couple days. Found myself with the 3 local teams. I have a lot to learn about riding in a group. The leaders dropped me toward the end once I fell under 20 mph. Someone blew up and dropped off the leaders, begging for me to ride with him so I slowed the last 20. Etiquette! Then had to add 4 miles because in the excitement I forgot to start the GPS until mile 4. So, 104 in total. I want every last mile!
Yesterday's ride. A casual but steady 53 mile jaunt in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a weekly favorite. Great hills. At 90-degrees and humid it was important to stop for water a few times.