5th Grade "Clap Out"

A few weeks ago Luke graduated from elementary school. Our little guy is headed to middle school! His school did a wonderful job celebrating the transition. They conduct a standard field day but I'm pretty sure the energy level is higher than it was for me a million years ago. This is the tug-of-war! In the video, the kids are chanting the name of their teacher. I'm not sure the event was fair. The teachers had a lot more weight on their end of the rope.


They also do a "Clap Out" where the kids march through the hall, outside, and into a bus where they go bowling the second half of the day. They are lead out by HS seniors who graduated 5th grade four years earlier. It's a very emotional moment.


Below are the seniors with the teachers at either end. The gym teacher - who is super popular with the kids - is in the middle.

Luke waves goodbye as they head to the bowling ally.

Congratulations, Luke!