Happy 11th Birthday, Luke!

The boys decline to have a party so we had a family celebration that lasted far longer than the day. His big gift was a box of Saltines. Also, a GPS drone. Everyone enjoyed the sparkler, except maybe the cats.
Reading his birthday card. He is never short of facial expressions.
Thank you to Nanna in NY and Grandma and Grandpa in Columbus for the gift cards! Our little gamer was VERY excited to see the Steam and RoBlox gift cards. He's all set for summer!
Of course the cats got in on the action! Here, Fluffy guards the gifts.
Sadly, I messed up the 5-minute video of his first drone flight. It's a rotten shame because he was a riot...and a good pilot! Mary might have one I can post later. Below is all I have...
The day before we went to the Akron Zoo to see the White Cheeked Gibbons. They put on a great show.
The jaguar was amazing!
But sleepy.
The Gibbons were the reason we went. Luke still LOVES them. If you look closely, you can see the baby that was born in December.
I can see why he loves them.
Below: Luke called the alpaca "Bowiepacka" because it looked like...
David Bowie!
And below is their first album cover.
Happy birthday, Luke. We love you!