First Bike Race (Crit 4/5)

I've done a lot of cycling events and semi-competitive stuff but this was my first true race. It was a USA Cycling certified criterium. I "competed" in the Category 4/5 race. Above is the  lead pack after I got dropped. It was rough when I realized I could not get back on the lead pack's wheels. Guys who I beat on local segments smoked me. Below: Rolling to the start with the escort.
The closest guy in age was exactly 10 years younger. The winner were 26 and 17. Big jerks. Crits are probably not what I should be doing as they take a long time to learn. Probably 10-20 races just to get used to the high speeds in the pack and trust yourself and the others. The race is more technical than it is about fitness. For example, never use the brakes. I could not help it through the technical part of the course and that is where I lost them.
Above is the race after mine. I may continue in the series if my ego can handle it.