Christmas 2021

Christmas was over a week ago but the boys have hardly made a dent in the hours of play time in their gifts. Below: Christmas Eve dinner.
Mary made a wonderful Christmas Eve feast. Cheers!
Jack and Luke got a bunch of stuff including sweatshirts, blankets, and socks. Fun, huh!
The Nintendo Switch made up for the practical gifts. Zelda was a hit!
Both cats love the tree each year. They spend a lot of time napping under it and fantasizing about roaming the forest.
From time to time they destroy an ornament but we forgive them.
Below, Catness digs through some gifts from Nanna.
It would not be Christmas for Luke without a gibbon.
Jack can have a fun, dark sense of humor so Stupid Deaths was just the ticket.
We hope everyone else enjoyed Christmas as much as we did.