David & Amy Wedding Celebration

We recently attended David and Amy wedding celebration in Washington DC. They were officially married during the pandemic but waiting for the celebration. Everyone was ready for a party! Some of these photos (the good ones) are by Bonnie Sen.
The party was held at The W in DC. We stayed two nights and enjoyed every minute of it.
A nice family shot in the W's POV restaurant.
Below, Lisa helps David get dressed! ;)
Friday night was a family reception. Everyone took the time to catch up on each other and just hang out. Below, Nanna and the boys.
Dad looking distinguished.
Luke wearing my glasses, looking 10 years older.
Below is Mary and Jack just before we got him to smile for the shot.
There we go. A smile!
Mary listening to someone at the main celebration. I know that look . . . she's thinking and thinking hard.
The boys at the POV, overlooking DC.
The capital city still stands (of course) even after the dysfunctional republicans attacked it.
Jack looks more like a grown up every month.
But not Luke in that gibbon mask. Since he is the only non-vaccinated member of the family he keeps it on when inside. He was very good about it.
A goofy shot waiting for the elevator at the hotel.
Of course I got in a short ride around the capital early Saturday morning. Below, I'm standing at the foot of the Washington Monument.
Here is is from another angle. Personally, I'm more impressed with my bike.
Ah, Luke! Here, he sports the W robe in the hotel room.
After my ride, we all toured the main roster of tourist stops. Oh look, it's the Washington Monument again! This time it takes second place to the boys.
A quick stop to fix some shoe issues.
Finally, a different monument! Hello Lincoln.
Maybe we'll see you again, W. But until then . . .
. . . We wish David and Amy all the best!