New Car

Our 2003 Honda CRV was barely functional so we replaced it with a new used Honda CRV-LX. Yep, LX for luxury! We took a few laps around the neighborhood with the boys. They loved it and demanded we keep driving!
What was the most exciting thing for the boys . . . heated seats!
The car we replaced would not start without a jump, even with a new battery. It was making strange noises. A lot of scraping, rubbing sounds from dark places. There was no air conditioning. It was powered by twisted rubber bands.
During the pandemic we have been about 100% isolated so we could get away with one functional car but with hope looming on the horizon we needed two cars. And yes, everyone is in their PJs . . . as usual.
The other thing I refuse to acknowledge is that in a few years Jack will be learning to drive. Oh, man. Of course it is Luke who wants to drive right now.
But not today . . .
We hope to drive this baby to see, well, someone when its safe.