Is It 2021 Already?

Here I am at home all the time and I update the blog far less often. It makes no sense except it seems less exciting to post more photos around the house. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
On Christmas Eve Mary and the boys baked cookies. I helped sample the dough.
Luke claimed that Christmas Eve was longer than any other night of the year. He might be right.
Due to the COVID Christmas that it was, we met with all the grandparents and friends online. While that is fantastic, we're looking forward to seeing people in-person in 2021.
We made a rule that they could not wake us up before 7:00am. Guess what time they entered our room to wake us up? Bingo, 7:00am sharp!
The boys took their time opening gifts on Christmas day, which is always nice because we get to talk about each gift. Above, Luke gets cozy in his new sleeping bag. Below, they showcase some book from Columbus Grandma and Grandpa. 
Luke listens to music on his new headphones.
This year had the theme of electronics. Since the boys spend SO much time at the computer for home schooling AND for play, they got new peripherals. Below, Jack shows the high-end mechanical keyboard from New York Nanna and Grandpa. Both the boys got the same keyboard and matching mice.
Among Us is a popular game of social intrigue they play with their friends. It's truly amazing they get to talk in real time on Discord while playing online. Below, the boys show the Among Us sweatshirts (and socks!) . . . Santa . . . brought.
The strangest thing this year is that Nanna and Grandpa sent two cat pillows (below on either end) and we got the boys custom cat pillows with pictures of our actual cats on them.
We did not coordinate this. The cat gods approve.
They also approve of Dungeons and Dragons miniature terrain pieces to show the placement of camp sites. Hey, I need to know how the Owlbear is going to sneak in during the middle of the night to eat Luke.
Catness and Fluffy got gifts, too! Here Catness destroys hers.
Luke does the dab in a new sweater to usher us out of the holidays!
New years was uneventful but everyone made it to midnight! We watched movies and gamed all night. Um, pretty good stuff if you ask me. Next Post - The death of poor Peter the shelf elf.