Fondu Frenzy

This weekend we had chocolate fondu. We previously tried cheese but I forgot to post it. Anyway, here we are hunkering down for a night at the movies with our fondu setup.
The favorites were pineapple, strawberry, and apple. Well, Luke would include the marshmallows! Oh, and sorry the photos are so blurry. My cellphone had trouble with the low-light.
Mary made lasagna from my mother's recipe. Here it is almost ready to meet the oven!
A weekend project was to paint the closet in the master bedroom. That pile is embarrassing but the good news is we went through it and are donating a lot of what you see. It's easy when something just does not fit but difficult when its nostalgic.
The cats thought it was great fun and played in the pile of clothes all weekend.
They were very helpful.
That's it for now. We hope you're all healthy and safe!