Meet Fauci

For over a week we've been feeding little "Dr. Fauci," a pandemic name that Nanna came up with. The poor kitty was very skinny and hungry. She was also very affectionate. She showed up every afternoon and then in the mornings. We gave her a cat caries to sleep in and she started to hang out in it.
Feeding her every day brought in cats from as far away as Mars. Seriously, I counted 4 other cats who stopped by for a snack. I'm not counting our girls. Speaking of Fluffy and Catness, below they were just visiting with Fauci through the screen door but I missed the shot.
Yesterday we found a good home for little Fauci with a home care aid. Below is a photo of her in the car, on the way to her new home. She has already provided us with updates. Fauci is in good hands!
 I miss the little cutie.