Around the Yard

On Tuesday school starts for the boys, marking the end of summer. While the warm days remain they try to get outside and away from screens. At least that's the goal.
The swing is still popular . . . but for how much longer?
Luke gives the A-Okay sign.
They raced up the hill.
But someone started early! The same one who runs like an ape.
Jack hopes to work at Dunder & Mifflin some day. Who wants to tell him?
Luke, always with holes in the knees of his pants. He's very rough on his clothes.
The above photos were taken today. Below, last week when they played hide and seek. It looks like Jack is making it too easy for Luke to find him.
Round two . . .
They have a lot of fun together.
Even if they're just hanging out.

This is a short, unedited video of what happens when Luke thinks he sees a bee.