Luke's 9th Birthday

Quarantine prevented us from having a birthday party with friends this year, but it did not phase Luke a bit.
He wanted a gibbon birthday so he got one.

Grandma and grandpa joined us virtually from Columbus. Unfortunately, Nanna and grandpa from NY could not join us but they talked with the birthday boy and gave him a Steam gift that he absolutely loved.
He's obsessed with, specifically, fuzzy gibbon primates.
Our little primate.
And his new friends. He walked around with them clinging to his neck ALL day.
We be gibbon him a nice birthday complete with a t-shirt so he can broadcast his love for his favorite fuzzy creature.
Luke opens his favorite chocolate bar as his Mom and grandparents watch.
He also got a bed tent like his brother!
A new habitat for Luke and his new friends.

The first thing he did was enclose himself in the bed tent. Fluffy didn't like it and wanted in.
Here is a short video of her trying to get in. She did this for a full minute but I missed most of it.

Our little boy is not so little any more.