Christmas 2019

Christmas or Sickness 2019? Poor Mary got sick with a sinus infection that would have killed a mere mortal. She had a hard time crawling through Christmas day. Anyway, on Christmas eve, we made cookies!
The boys played an integral role in the cookie creation process.
Including the frosting coloring.
It's an annual event.
Um . . .
During the chocolate chip cookie round Jack brought me two raw cookie dough balls while I was doing a workout on the bike.
Christmas Eve dinner.
And waiting . . .
That waiting included the Mandalorian and a movie; not to mention the company of cats.
It was a cozy night.
Christmas morning started far earlier than the agreed upon 7:00am. It was about 6:00am and Luke claims to have been waiting in his room starting at 4:00am.
It was so dark that most of the photos are blurry or just pain difficult to see.
We took our time opening gifts. After that, it was a relaxing Christmas day.

Alas, the holiday is over and the boys return to school tomorrow.