Holiday Break Begins!

Yesterday we went to the movies to kick off the holiday break. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the last of the Skywalker series and concludes the deal Disney made with Lucas to finish the tale of these "legacy characters." Now, for the price of $4.3 billion they can do what they like with the franchise. Personally, I only had to wait 42 years to see all 9 movies in the series. Not bad.
After we went to dinner where Luke told us we should have used Skywalker for his middle name. Man, we almost did . . . but we did NOT name him after Luke Skywalker. I swear! Anyway, our break has also included school parties and concerts. Below, you can see Jack!
A big "Thank You" to uncle Mark for the amazing box of chocolates.
We're still making our way through the box but they're disappearing fast.
Time to relax for a couple weeks.