Disney World 2019: Day 3

Yes, yes, its a month later and I'm still posting Disney photos. I took so, so many (yet so many bad ones!) that it takes for ever to sift through them and edit them. Anyway, on day 3 we visited Animal Kingdom and Pandora.
It was a ton of fun but we all felt like - much to our surprise - Animal Kingdom was our least favorite park. It might have been the weather. It might have been the animals that played shy due to the weather. It could have just not been what we expected.
Above, you do see some lions among the rocks. Below, a couple animals of a different sort.
Yikes! Its a dino eat dino world.
Navigating is always part of the trip.
And confounding at times.
It's okay, Luke, you'll dry out eventually.
Kevin was a hit, as you would expect. Here, Kevin he talks with Jack.
Grandpa and Grandma got the boys a stuffed animal. Birds!
Pandora we loved.
The Pandora Tree of Life.
And the other side of the move equation . . . a mech.
The boys use the Pandora drums.
Beautiful music . . . more the most part.
Lunch was a nice break out of the rain.
Luke was hungry and not happy about the camera.

A couple of Na'vi.
Jack with his Na'vi girlfriend.
Until next time, Pandora.
And until next time, Blog, when I finally post our last day at Disney.