Mother's Day 2019

The boys made breakfast in bed for Mom. Luke also made a scavenger hunt for her. It ended with a card for a free massage from Luke. Then we went out to lunch at the Kent State Hotel and Conference center. It's an amazing affair.
I dropped everyone off an parked the car. When I reached the hotel a young man was standing there looking at me. It was Jack! For a second, I did not recognize him because he looked so much older.
Inside, Mary collected her rose (she picked yellow so she could match!) and we were escorted to our table. Yes, escorted. Fancy stuff. The sign in the background is funny because we ate about 18 pounds of food (seriously, we all felt sick) and here was a lovely commercial telling us we could lose that much . . . but it would take a little longer than 2-hours to take back off! Anyway, I forgot to take photos inside but I was too busy eating.
Missing my mother (below) on this mother's day. This photo with the boys about 7 years ago before she passed away.