The Book Loft

During our Thanksgiving trip to Columbus we visited The Book Loft. Mary and I went on many dates here some - cough, cough - twenty years ago. It's hardly changed and that's a good thing. It was like walking through a time capsule.
Mary claims we have a photo like the above from 20 years ago. We're looking for it.
Now we have something to show for decades of history . . . Jack and Luke.
Luke has been more interested in reading lately, which we're trying to quietly encourage. Jack's always turned to books so we'll see if we can facilitate 
Cats vs. Robots, you know you want it!
Dad and daughter.
What a cover!
Luke fawned over this poster.
Luke ended up buying Hatchet. It's not as bad as it sounds . . . so far.
The video is part 2 of an ongoing fight between the boys. Luke opened one of Jack's gifts and unscrambled the wooden puzzle inside.