Fall Weekend

The first one to the fire is always Fluffy. Jack is not far behind.
The boy-cat relationship in this house is pretty solid.
Below: On Friday Mary's parents had lunch with Luke at Grandparent's day. Panera has become a favorite spot.
Below: Luke shows off his book KleptoCats book, which he LOVES.
Friday Night Fun Nights was spent playing Tsuro, a game that's stood the test of time.
Next to the fire is a good option on a cold night.
When Luke does not win.
The next day we stopped by the Kent State football game to schmooze with some potential sponsors of the eSports program.
Nothing fruitful but some good conversation about upcoming meetings. The boys also got to watch the football game. Okay, they really didn't. The band was more interesting to Jack. Luke was slightly more interested.
After that we went to the Goosbumps 2 movie. My review: skip it. And pack to Panera. Mary is addicted. The boys decided to do this.
Just for fun: Jack doing his geography homework with Catness. We pulled up a world map on the TV, searched the iPad, and asked Alexa questions. Man, homework was not this much fun when I was in school. BTW, A's and B's on the report cards!
Lets end with the girls. That's a lot of cat!