Visiting Dad & Karen in NY (and Bill!)

Drove out last week for the a long weekend with Dad and Karen. Above, they treated me to an amazing meal Cosimo's. Of course Karen knew the owner! Nice guy. Below, Bill and I enjoyed a nice meal at the Vigneto Cafe for his birthday. He's a regular there and knew everyone. The food was so good I want to drive back right now for more! Bill's company was even better than the food.
Dad & Karen had appointments of Friday (they're busy!) so I brought my road bike. Below is the 63 mile rile over to Mohonk Mountain and back.
I kept a decent pace. Tried to put in an effort twice. The first was the DRT-Creek Rd to Buckingham Ave 0.6 segment sprint (I go by FattyLumpkin, of course). I got 3rd overall, missing the two guys tied for first by 1 second. Too bad, I had it in me but was unfamiliar with the segment. Also not in shape. So there. Then I made my way across the Walkway Over the Hudson, slowly, as not to get arrested by the Ambassadors.
What a view!
These are unedited photos from my phone but still convey the view...I hope.
I made my way to New Paltz where the guys at the Bicycle Depot let me fill my water bottles. I simply love the area; the geography is fantastic. I asked if there was anything I should know about the 2.17 mile climb to the Mohonk gate house. The end has a 13% incline. They said, "It's hard."
They were correct but it hurt so good. Unfortunately, the Mohonk E (Canaan Rd to Mt House sign) segment did not register. My GPS did not pick up the finish point so I'm not on the list. My estimate is I would have been top 15. Oh well. Hell of a climb. Maybe I'll get another chance some day.
Then down the other side into High Falls and Rosendale where there were gnomes at the Wired Gallery.
They were all over town!
Back through New Paltz Where I stopped near the Groovy Blueberry to eat some of my cycling food. There was a guy in a chair out from who I think has been there since 1963.
Such a fun ride.
Back at the house we went to the Dutchess County SPCA where Dad and Karen are legends.
The next day I went on an even more nostalgic ride through Pleasant Valley. My legs were mush and it was pretty windy and cold but still fun. Slow but I hit the old neighborhood and did get the KOM on the far less competitive Nied Dr (S to N) segment sprint. 
Continuing on the nostalgic tour I went by the Overlook School.
And Traver Road School. The climb up Traver Road was so much fun. I didn't attack anything but really enjoyed it. Going down Overlook Road was also a blast.
Pleasant Valley! I remember well racing on these roads. It was pretty different to ride them.
Below: My childhood home. It sounds dumb, but at times it seemed like nothing had changed. At other moments it felt foreign. When I thought about people I had known it felt like long ago. Yet, the topography was familiar and close. It was very strange to be there knowing my mother was gone and all the things her life touched changed.
A wonderful trip.