Random Lost Shots

The start of the semester has made it difficult to keep up with other things. I've missed posting a few events. Above: The boys before leaving for school. Below: Luke practicing fidget spinner tricks.
Camp out! They boys did not exactly rough it on a recent back yard camp out. They didn't even leave the deck! The tent barely fit.
A view from inside.
They loved it. Unfortunately, they got up early so the entire house was out of bed too.
All the comforts of home within reach. Really, all of them.
Even wifi. It's simply wrong.
The cats were close by and very interested in the strange structure.
Take a hike! We went on a hike to discover
They discovered mysterious rocks standing in the middle of the river.
The local cemetery holds many old stories.
And some new stories, too. Luke seems to be telling a story in song form.
Breakfast of champions! Actually, these were a gift from our neighbor Santohk's garden.
Have a great Labor Day!