Kent Harry Potter Crowd Fest 2017

The second year of the festival saw record crowds...but that was the problem. Huge lines for everything and then just to purchase things we could have got the night before. Above: Fluffy, which of course is our cat's name. Below: The boys were petrified of the biting flowers!
The best part was seeing all the cosplay. Some people put a lot of work into their outfits!
Look out, it's Aragog!
Unfortunately, this over-stuffed garbage can came to represent the festival. Jack enjoyed the comparison as we navigated the sweaty crowds. We did meet some nice people in line so it was not a total loss.
We LOVE that Kent is doing this but it's a difficult event to do successfully. While in line people were reading all the complaints on social media. In a couple more years we hope it will be fine-tuned.