Family Gathering in Washington DC

We gathered at Uncle David's for three days of fun, food, space, and dogs. Below, Jack pets one of the pooches. Back Row, left-to-right: Jerry (Grandpa), Karen (Nanna), Lisa, Mary, Amy, Maddie, David. Front Row: Luke and Jack.
Beautiful women! Nanna and Mary showing off their super smiles.
David does not fool around where grilling is concerned. He showed that meat who's boss! Let me tell you, the food was amazing and we ate like kings and queens. Thank you David, Maddie, and Lisa for all the hard work you put into the weekend.
All I said was, "Smile!"
Speaking of faces!
Of all the choices, the boys wanted to spend a day at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The photo is of Jack at the store.
Did you know the Wright Brothers (from Ohio!) built bicycles before they specialized in airplanes? This one went for $42.50 when it was new. They would not sell it to me for that price.