Elephant Boy, FD, and the ER.

Jack rediscovered his old elephant bath robe and has been wearing constantly. These photos were taken last night as we were getting the boys ready for bed.
Luke wanted in on the action so he's showing one of his favorite books, "How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You." It's helped the boys uncover a couple potentially dangerous plots masterminded by Fluffy with Catness as the main actor.
An aging shot (and I don't mean me!) of last Father's Day.
Below: This morning Luke crawled into bed at 3:15am because he was not feeling well. Pretty soon he was moaning, shaking, and unable to walk. He complained of abdominal pain. He didn't have to go to the bathroom or get sick. By 4:30am I was on my way to the ER. An X-Ray resulted in the "diagnosis" of FOS...Full Of Stool. You can rework that if you like. In the end, the little pooper was full of it. Man, it's been a long day.
No cheese for this guy!