The Week of Cake, 2017

The "Week of Cake" starts with Mother's Day, then Luke's birthday, and concluded with Jack's birthday on the 20th. This year the 4th cake was brought by Grandma and Grandpa today. I'll try to get the photos for those other events up soon. For now, this here are some photos from the combined party yesterday, May 20th.
Yes, it was at a bowling alley!
The cake was classic. The bowling pin take-home mementos for each boy were simply the best. No worries, Luke won't hit himself in the head with it or anything (he did). 
Ah, yummy!
Below, from Left-to-Right: Violet, Shannon, Ethen, and Brad. Mary and I go back to OSU where we met in the 90s. A bunch of nutty professors!
Many No-Shows but we had a good group and the boys had so much fun!
I'll also post the events of the morning of the party when we revealed the BIG gift!