First KOM

It's dorky of me to post this but I've been working fairly hard at cycling and am psyched about yesterday's KOM. KOM stands for King of the Mountain and is an award for being the fastest person on a segment; a section of a larger course measured by GPS. Yesterday I logged the fastest time to date on the 6.3 mile "Half of the Trail" segment. It's part of a longer ride I do on a regular basis. Above: I go by "FattyLumpkin" which was my cats name and, of course, is a Tolkien reference. Click images to enlarge.
I'm posting this because it won't last and I want proof of the effort! Now I have a target on my back and I'll have to go faster to stay there. People work on to get into the top 10 on this segment. The guy who was first noticed within hours and sent me a message. Sure, it was nice of him to say "congrats" but the whippersnapper is probably going to take it down soon. I knocked a lot off his time (he road with a pack!) but he's got a ton of KOMs, a better bike, and a younger body so I think my status as KOM is temporary. Below: My recorded efforts on this segment over time; most of which are not hard efforts. Today I celebrated with a 73 mile ride.
Labor day weekend has been a blast. We're just spending a lot of time with the boys. Pictures soon.