Vermont 2016, Part 2: Nana & Grandpa

The drive to Vermont from Ohio was long but the boys were amazing. We split it into two days. The headphones are better than Ritalin. I know, bad joke. Bad parents. Nonetheless, the boys had fun watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, and chatting. When we were kids we had magnetized checkers and "I Spy!"
Why are the Vermont information centers so great? Below: Is that a Sasquatch?
The boys absolutely love the hotel stops . . . because of the pools.
Below: Jack gives us an under water "Thumbs Up."
They would rebel if we stopped someplace without a pool.
Or a cozy bed.
We arrive and Luke plays shy, or cool, or something. Get him Nanna!
There were many fun stops and places to see.
Above: The Hapgood post office. Below: One of the 7 Wonders of Vermont...the Hapgood Country Store, newly renovated, and the location for the 1987 movie, Baby Boom. It's a fantastic place.
Below: Jack on the back patio.
Below: Then it was up the mountain to Bromley for some summer fun. I think there is a bounce house in every town in America.
Below: The Northshire Bookstore is another of the 7 Wonders. Luke and Jack loved the stuffed snakes. And, huff, they each got one.
But the day was not without tragedy. The owl attack ended up causing minimal injury.
Below: Stratton Mountain! The boys look up the mountain from the main lodge. Then they ran through it like maniacs.
Up we went! The gondola ride was a huge hit with the boys.
Nanna and Grandpa got us on for FREE with their season passes :) Below: Nana and Grandpa as we start.
The views were amazing.
At the top we discovered a lot, including one astounding view after another.
The boys overlooking Vermont.
Below: A nice group shot from the top of Stratton Mountain.
Is that a cowboy? Indiana Jones? Dad? Looking good!

Thankfully, no real bears in sight.
Below: Of all the things, the boys found a big rock and didn't want to leave it. On that rock they didn't care about computer games or movies. It was fun to watch.
Later we'll see more photos of our trip. Jack absolutely fell in love with Stratton Village. We'll also see frogs, corn hole madness, and my biological mother.