Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is Luke's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday, Luke! Grandma and Grandpa drove up from Columbus to spend the day with the boys. The remote controlled car was a hit.
Jack also got his gifts as his birthday is five days from now. The below book is from Aunt Kelly. 
Below: Today kicked off the "Week of Cake." We took it very seriously. Here Jack unhinged his jaw to scoop in as much cake as possible. The next week will usher in another cake at the party with friends and yet another for Jack's "day of" celebration. We may sneak in a fourth confection to celebrate the birth of Fluffy and Catness.
We like to celebrate as many holidays at once as possible so we did a Mother's Day exchange.
The boys tried out their new "Bubble Wands" in unseasonably cold weather.
Below: A height comparison. No one is standing on their toes.
A nice family shot.
Below: Poor Grandpa suffers from another sudden onset of Midwestern Alligator Head.
A couple hours later Luke passed out.