Graduating from the CDC

We will miss the Kent State University Child Development Center (CDC). They do a wonderful job. Above is the class picture for the year. Luke is in the middle row, second from the right. Ms. Baldwin (Green shirt, top row, middle) runs a classy and enlightened ship. Ms. Cameron (top, 2nd from Left) is a student teacher that has been there all year and is Luke's favorite. She's also one of our HDFS students so I'm going to claim some credit for her awesomeness. Thank you CDC!
The above shot is a collection of images from the weekly news letter. Click to enlarge. On the left you can see Luke holding the parachute. In the middle he takes a photo. On the right, well, he eats with excitement. Below we see Jack on a recent field trip of historic Kent sites. He strikes a pose with two friends at the Kent Dam.
The last photo makes me take pause. Jack looks so grown up. The serious look on his beautiful face as he struts his stuff away from the center of everyone's attention captures his independent spirit.