Bob Dylan Art Exhibit

We visited the Downtown Gallery to see Bob Dylan's "Face Value" exhibit. 
These days he's also welding metal sculpture gates. I want one!
The boys were like "Meh." But as parents we can say they're cultured! 
The gallery had a wonderful gift shop and store. Below it seems Luke got tired of walking.
Is that the man in the mirror?!
Below: "Forget Dylan," Luke said, "I found a card with a cat on it...and she's wearing a wig!"
Frozen yogurt was also on the agenda. In the background Mary is talking to a neighbor who brought her girls to the same yogurt hot spot.
Luke makes a play for Jack's yogurt dish!
Yellow spoons!
Luke finished his yogurt in seconds. He made the rounds to my cup and Moms. He could not figure out why Jack would not let him eat more. For the record, Jack did share but Luke's idea of sharing is a little different. 
Nothing corny about the next picture!