I Catan with You

Welcome to Catan island! We spent Friday night playing Catan. The boys enjoyed a late night and went to bed with dreams of sheep empires and desert robbers. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this fantastic game!
Jack and Luke had enough hexagonal hilarity to exhaust a hyena. We were pleasantly surprise by Luke's ability to grasp the game. He was able to read the building costs (e.g., Brick+ Lumber+ Wheet+ Wool = Settlement) without help. Both boys loved rolling a 7 so they could place the robber and destroy Dad and Mom's productivity.
Below: Day 2 of the Catan extravaganza. On Friday we took a picture of the table in case the cats invaded Catan Island but luckily no such tragedy occurred.
Below: As I was working on this blog post Luke came to get me. He wanted to show off his Catan setup. Leave it to Luke to find a way to play a 3-4 person game solo!
Want to learn to play Catan? Watch Wil Wheaton's instructional video on the game. Yes, Will Wheaton who played Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.