Happy New Year 2016!

We hope you all had a great New Years! We hung out with Kathy, Saul, and Kailani for a relaxing start to the new year. The kids did really well with the late night.
Kathy wrote of the below image on her Facebook page, "This photograph captures much of the evening for Jack and Kailani. While the grownups talked, they played Minecraft, Little Big Planet, and Besieged. (Jack was kind enough to turn off the blood splatter for Kailani while playing Besieged.) After we celebrated at midnight with some sparkling grape juice and rather quiet noisemakers, the two of them quickly returned to their game playing."
The celebration was complete with good food, conversation, and whoopee cushions!
Luke crashed pretty hard by the end of the night but was able to make it to midnight. A new record!