David Bowie Dies

I’m not a melomane or music “fan” like some but always liked David Bowie’s music. He died of cancer yesterday; I did not find out until this morning and, oddly enough, happen to be wearing my tattered David Bowie t-shirt. His death makes me sad. He was a great artist but it also brings to mind how short life is. It makes me think of the people that I know who are sick. It makes me miss my mother. It seems like just yesterday I was listening to him in high school. In the late 80’s I went to see him at a small Washington DC club when he was with Tin Machine. I was standing in the front row. In this club (the name escapes me) that meant 4 or 5 feet away from him. He dreanched us in sweat when he tossed his shirt. I thought it was gross but the girls I was with loved it! That’s my only Bowie Story.