Books & Wild Goats

On a grey day we decided to spend some time at the Kent Free Library. It is a truly wonderful place! This visit was entirely confined to the children's section but that's okay because it's bigger than some countries. Here Mary sits in one of three train cars built for reading.
Jack had fun with the wall mounted abacus.
The tree of knowledge right here in Kent! Oh, wait...
Luke decided he wanted to go down the stairs by himself so we all waited at the bottom while he descended from his first attack on Mount Everest.
From the window of the children's section we could see our next destination...the Wild Goat Cafe! Inexpensive food but great portions and yummy. The ice cream is amazing! We decided this will be a good summer stop for ice cream. The boys were disappointed there were no live goats.
Jack kept his mind off the absent goats by drawing.
Luke soaked up two glasses of milk but kept watch in case any goats sauntered past.