Luke Goes Ice Skating

Luke's preschool went to the Kent State University Ice Skating Arena today. They actually walk there! Above: Luke with one of his teachers. They were inching around the wall when I arrived. There were tons of kids all over the ice. Below: Luke takes a break.
I could not get any good shots and help Luke at the same time so most of these are of him laying around.
Or sitting in the chair. They had a few scattered around the rink. We did an entire lap in this one.
There is a huge fire pit in the lobby. Wonderful stuff.
We know transition is hard on human beings but on four year old children it's worse. When they lined up to leave the fun turned into a sobbing mass of snot faced babies who didn't want their parents to leave. It was like someone cast a sadness spell over the room. I walked back to the preschool with Luke to ward off the dark magic!