First Day of School for Jack, 2015

Jack enters the 3rd grade today. Where did the summer go?! Above is a shot him at the top of our driveway which is NOT the bus stop.
Where have those glasses been all summer? Below: Cowlick, what's a cowlick?
"I'm ready!" Yesterday we met his teacher and toured the school. He was quiet but Jack has been very relaxed about the whole thing.
Below: The actual bus stop that the school computer generated as the central point for he and the one other kid. No kidding about the computer. Thankfully the bus driver said we can break with programming and wait at our driveway in the future.
Even the cat's said goodbye. Below: Fluffy waves to Jack.
It's just Luke and Dad at home today! Do you think Dad will get any work done?
Have a great day at school, Jack!