Around Kent

We picked up some fresh produce (and popcorn!) at the local farmer's market. In the below shot is another professor from my department playing at the Haymaker Farmer's Market. I had no idea she played the violin!
Below: Mom lifts Luke to touch the K. I was ready to get a shot of the big splash but, alas, no one fell in. Maybe next time.
Below might be the cover for the next Kent State Magazine. We let the boys pick out something at the Kent State Book Store.
Below: Oooooo, the KSU food court pulled the boys to the window where they promptly drooled on the glass. It's actually known as "The Hub." It was a nice time to take a tour with the boys as its summer and campus is very quiet. No one is checking parking passes!
The boys were also drawn to a statue of Kent State's unofficial mascot, the black squirrel.
We just meandered around campus to show the boys the new extended neighborhood and place of employment. Here our soon to be 3rd grader looks like he might be ready to enroll at KSU!