The Move: Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!

A couple days ago this was the scene at the old house. While the boys were in Columbus with their grandparents we slept amongst the boxes on our last night.
It is an emotional thing to see your son's rooms packed into boxes (below).
Below is a shot of me with our amazing Kent realtor just before entering the new house. Tom has been showing me houses for almost 4 years and was pitch perfect even when we were not yet buyers. If you are looking for a home in northeast Ohio you must contact this man!
Mary and I have had some very long days and restless nights planning, packing and unpacking, and misplacing everything from the coffee pot (aaaah!) to the lawn mower keys. Below is - what? - more boxes! Now where did we pack those plates?
The house is in immaculate condition but a couple of the rooms were painted in interesting colors that we wanted to be less interested in. Below is the dinning room that ate up our first day. There is still another room to do.
Below: Mary toning down the maroon with a little moderate white. We think it added about 12 square feet to the house.
It's more fun to look at the new house so during the week I'll try hard to post some more photos. The boys are back with us now so I'm trying to get some shots of them exploring the house.