Acorn Alley Fun Night

Friday Night Fun Night has been an event in our house for many years. Tonight we decided to start early and go to dinner in Acorn Alley.
Above: The boys in Squirrel Square, or whatever it's called. You may not be able to tell but that's a squirrel behind the boys. Below: Eating at at Twisted Meltz. Dad had the Paul Warfield. Anyone who makes a melted sandwich of chicken wings is alright with me!
Below: The view behind us as we ate outside on the cobble stones.
At the end of the ally above is Off the Wagon toy store. Luke had seconds with a rather large grilled cheese sandwich while Jack found a tubby tabby cat.
Meow! Let me tell you, the boys have been asking when we can get some cats...a lot of asking about cats. Hopefully that will be a future blog post.
Goodbye for now, Acorn Alley!
Even if we try a new restaurant each we we may never get to the end of them! Time for the elastic pants.