Kids in Columbus

Mary and the boys are in Columbus while I try to sell the house. We have some solid interest and one definite offer so far. All the boys know is the water is cold!
Above: The boys enjoy the C-Bus in Columbus. It's nice the grandparents took the kids to the Brewery District. Don't you think it's nice? Below: I have no idea but this is the exact kind of thing that happens in the Brewery District!
Eating out! When I talk with Jack on the phone he pretty much catalogs the copious amounts of food he eats when visiting the grandparents. So why does grandma weigh 9 pounds?
Below: Probably my favorite shot. This is Alexis, the daughter of Mary's best friends. I'm glad to see chivalry is not dead.
The boys also visited their Great Grandma, Alice.
Someone needs a nap.