Happy 4th Birthday Luke!

Last weekend was one long birthday celebration. Luke invited a few of his friends from preschool to the house to party. Not everyone could attend but given the amount of energy 4 year old children emit that was fine!
Cake and Creepers, oh my! Below Luke opens his new creeper pal. It was a constant battle to keep him from absconding with Jack's creeper so we hope this is the solution.
Below the boys play with a gift from Nanna and Grandpa. Thank you! The nice thing is *cough, cough* it's not a gift with a hair trigger, high frequency siren that you can't turn off because the battery is inaccessible. Aren't wooden toys wonderful?
Eventually we took the party outside. The parents sat around in chairs and watched the boys run around like maniacs.
Luke chased his friends for what seemed like hours. One of them fell to sleep in the car on the way home and Luke went to sleep that night in about 2 seconds.
Good food and and good times.
Luke is not a baby any more...