Christmas & New Years 2014

Christmas is over and Peter the Shelf Elf is back at the North Pole but we're still enjoying the holiday! Apparently I did not take many photos this year. We were "in the moment," as they say. Nonetheless, here are a couple shots.
Above: Jack was very excited to give me his gift, a special hand-made Christmas ornament. Below: Luke desperately wanted a School Buss Monster Truck; it's the only thing he asked for. Wouldn't you know it, Santa makes one!
Below, the boys enjoy a gift from Nanna and Grandpa...a drone! You can't see it in these photos but it says "Hello Jack" in lights on the side. You can type in whatever you like.
Jack really wanted to stay up to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve. Because we're awful parents we let him. Below is a double selfie just before the countdown. Luke went to bed at the normal hour while Mommy wimped out, coming down about 1 minute before midnight. Jack seems completely fine after the late night.
"That's all it was?" Jack asked, "It was a little boarding." Next year we're all going to bed early.