B&N Wonderland

A pilgrimage to Barns & Noble was in order after being house bound with new Christmas toys for days. The boys had a blast, gravitating to the miniature stage to explore some books.
They also found the train set.
Jack found one of his favorite books (furnished by Uncle Bill years ago) and flipped through it.
The below shot is included because I can't help but be pensive about how tall and grown up he looks.
B&N is morphing into a toy store. It was a challenge to get paste the mountains of toys to reach the children's book section. In the end the toys won as they got some Minecraft items. In the end they did get some books. The "toy" Luke plays with below is actually a car book with wheels. Even the books are becoming toys!
The below shots started with Dad saying something like, "Luke strike a pose."
Jack shows Luke the Press Here book, one he has been requesting a lot lately.