Thanksgiving 2014

It was a great weekend with family in Columbus. The first two group shots feature Alice, the boys 92 year old Great Grandmother. We visited her at her new place of residence where she is very happy; no kidding, she loves it! It was a nice Thanksgiving dinner.
The boys enjoy their own table.
I'm trying to reserve a room now but they won't take my application.
Some gifts were open. Thanks for the weapons Uncle John!
The inevitable crash.
Below: More gift for the kids. I know Mr. Bill prescribed more presents but I think they may be over medicated.
Santa, you're early!
Below: We also went to dinner with Mom's long-time BFF.
The below shot of the kids is not the best. However, its representative of the 3254 photos I took during a 5 minute period in an attempt to capture their four mugs looking directly at the camera. They pretty much all looked like this. Face forward!