Christmas Eve 2014

We ate like royalty all day and night. That's not hyperbole; nonstop feasting resulted in constant bloated bellies. Mother Mary strikes a home run again! The day started with a scavenger hunt. Peter the Self Elf left a map in the advent calendar.
Jack took reading the mysterious map very seriously.
The original map lead to - you guessed it - another map!
Jack examines the second map while Luke straps on a head lamp for detailed viewing.
Nope, not up there!
Bingo! The third map was back in the kitchen.
The final destination lead to the Ice King where the boys found popcorn and a movie. The rest of the day was filled with anticipation and family time. There was also an emergency visit by the gas company but that's a story for another time! All ended well. Besides, the boys thought it was fun to camp out on the porch and play in the front yard for an hour in the dark.
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We'll post some more shots soon.