The Week of Cake

Jack chose a Chucky-E-Cheese birthday party with some friends. It was hours of fun with no clean-up! Between Mother's Day, Luke's birthday, and Jack's birthday we're drowning in cake. What a way to go! From this point forward, let it be known as "The Week of Cake."
Below, Luke gets into the action by, um, pumping balls.
Action Jack (below) concentrates on aiming the ball jusssst right.
Below: The ticket blaster is always a favorite. With his winnings Jack bought a lot of new chachkies for his room.
Below: Afterword Luke drove us home, but don't worry, he's serious about his driving.
I'm so far behind on photos and posts but am working on it. Future Posts: Birthday gifts, Luke's 2-year Checkup, and Boots!