Weekend: Columbus & the 5k Night Run

Above: We visited Columbus for a couple days. Uncle John the Optometrist gave us all eye exams. Everyone is pretty good but Dad is blind as a cave bat. We spent some time at John's 39 acre wilderness retreat. Below: They seem to be lost.
Below: We drove home in time for Mom's first race since 2004. It was a sort of post-child-birthing reintroduction to running. The photo shows Jack and Mom after jogging a warmup lap. Race started at 9pm. 
Below: A family shot. And no, Dad did not run except to push Luke around.
Luke loved all the stimulus and never made a complaint.
Below: Luke waiting for the runners just before the mile mark.
Below: Jack used the Thomas the Train whistle to encourage Mom.
Below: The boys after running and rolling up and down the course.They got to stay up really late but didn't seem to be worse for it today.